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Cone Beam

Ogden, UT woman standing in a 3D cone beam x-ray machine.When your dentist needs to get a closer look at just what is going on inside of your mouth as well as the areas that are not visible (between teeth, under the gums, the jawbone), an x-ray is ordered. X-rays allow us to see exactly what is causing your oral pain, make a diagnosis, and formulate a treatment plan. They also allow us to assess the condition of your jawbone to see if it is suitable for implants. Sometimes, however, even an x-ray is not enough. At Cassity & Legacy Implants and Periodontics, we use cone beam computed tomography (cone beam CT) when a regular facial x-ray just won’t do, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis and give you proper, effective treatment.

What is Cone Beam CT?

Cone beam CT (computed tomography) is a higher tech version of an x-ray. A cone shaped x-ray beam is rotated around your head to produce high-quality three-dimensional images of teeth, bone, soft tissues, and nerves. It captures several images and strings them together to create a single three-dimensional image. These images allow for a more accurate diagnosis of a number of different issues. While similar to a traditional CT scan, it is not the same (it is closer to an x-ray), but it was developed to produce similar images.

Uses for Cone Beam CT

The cone beam CT is used when an x-ray just isn't enough. Its use is limited due to the fact that it produces more radiation than regular dental x-rays (although it produces significantly less than a CT scan). It can be used to diagnose and formulate treatment plans for:
•  Optimal placement for dental implants.
•  Checking the condition of the jaw.
•  Evaluating sinus cavities, nerve passageways and the nasal cavity.
•  Impacted teeth (wisdom or other).
•  Temporomandibular joint issues (TMD).
•  Evaluating tumors in the jaw.
•  Reconstructive facial surgery.

Getting Your Scan

You don't need to do anything special before coming in for your scan. You may want to come comfortable, however. If you are wearing any jewelry - earrings, facial piercings, necklaces - or other things such as glasses or hearing aids, you will be required to take them off. Anything metal in your hair, like hairpins or clips, will also need to come out. When it is time for your scan, you will sit in a chair, and your head will be situated to place the affected area in the center. The scan will take less than a minute, and is completely painless, but it is important to remain completely still. When the scan is done, we will read the image and discuss the results with you.


Cone beam CT scans come with a number of benefits:
•  Images are much higher quality and allows for higher precision.
•  One scan provides a three-dimensional image, giving us multiple angles to make a better diagnosis.
•  It can provide images of both bone and soft tissues.
•  Non-invasive and completely pain-free.


As with any procedure, there are still some risks that you should be aware of:
•  There is more radiation involved with this type of scan than an x-ray (although the radiation does not stay in the body).
•  Because of radiation, you should speak with us and let us know if you are pregnant or may be pregnant.
•  Children are not good candidates for this type of scan. It should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Cone beam CT scans allow us to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Give us a call today at call us at South Ogden:(385) 626-0977 or Kaysville:(385)-439-0101 for more information!
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