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Implants vs Dentures and Bridges

Older woman smiling after receiving dental implants at Cassity & Legacy Implants and Periodontics in South Ogden, UT and Kaysville UT.Tooth loss is fairly common among adults. Studies show that around 69% of people from the ages of 35 and 44 have a minimum of one permanent tooth missing.
When you happen to lose a tooth, make sure you opt for a reliable replacement so that your surrounding teeth remain aligned. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are the three most frequently used treatment options for tooth loss.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a screw-like titanium post that acts as a tooth root replacement. It offers a sturdy base for permanent or removable artificial teeth that are customized to look just like your natural teeth.
Having a dental implant attached to your jawbone feels almost like an original tooth. As it is mostly made of titanium, the jawbone automatically grows near it to provide steadiness. A dental implant is a long-lasting solution with a success rate as high as 98%.

Pros of Dental Implants

Thinking about whether dental implants are a good idea for you? Here are some of the major advantages:
•  They are attached to your jawbone, making them a resilient solution.
•  There is no negative impact on your speech and eating habits.
•  They blend in with the neighboring teeth, making them virtually invisible.
•  As effective root replacements, implants decrease the probability of bone loss.

Cons of Dental Implants

Although dental implants offer a reasonable solution to your dental needs, there are some challenges you need to know about:
•  It may take as long as 6 months for implants to fuse with the jawbone.
•  Although implant complications are quite rare, there is a chance of periodontal infection after implants are placed.
•  Some people may not have enough jawbone to maintain an implant, and may need a bone graft.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Bridges help get rid of the gaps between teeth that result from a missing tooth. This is why restoration requires attachments to the surrounding teeth.
Unlike implants, bridges are not tooth replacement methods. They simply use adjacent teeth as support for placing a crown on each end to cover the missing tooth sockets.

Pros of Bridges

Bridges are a relatively conventional tooth loss treatment, and are still frequently used by dentists across the world. Their benefits include:
•  If you are diabetic, dental implants may not work as wound healing can be slow. In this scenario, dental bridges would be a better option.
•  Bridges are inexpensive as compared to implants
•  Bone grafting is never needed to install bridges.
•  Getting bridges in position is a faster process than having a dental implant surgery done.

Cons of Bridges

Here are some disadvantages of getting dental bridges:
•  Crowns need to be fixed over healthy teeth in order to place bridges.
•  Maryland bridges may damage permanent teeth as metal cementing is involved in the process.
•  Bridges are unable to correct jawbone loss.
•  Bridges are not as durable as implants.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They are customized to perfectly acquire the shape and size of your jaw.
Dentures are an effective method for people who have lost their teeth as a result of injury or decay. Full dentures are chosen when no natural teeth are left, and partial dentures are opted for when some permanent teeth are still present inside the mouth.

Pros of Dentures

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing dentures:
•  Dentures look well-connected and can reinstate full rows of teeth.
•  Dentures can be chosen even when your teeth and jaw are not in perfect health.
•  It is convenient to maintain dentures as they can be rinsed easily.

Cons of Dentures

While dentures are suitable for many, there are some disadvantages that you need to be aware of:
•  Dentures are vulnerable to wear and tear, and must be replaced after a particular time period.
•  Several dentist visits may be needed to get the dentures made and fitted.
•  They may diminish your ability to taste food as they are fitted over the upper palate of your mouth.
•  Gagging may be a constant issue if you are unable to adjust to your dentures.

Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are all tried and tested tooth replacement treatments. Dental implants are preferable when you only have a single tooth missing, while bridges are a better option when you have more than one tooth missing. Dentures, on the other hand, are preferable when most of your permanent teeth are missing or when you do not have a jawbone in good shape for support. If you are suffering from tooth loss, schedule an appointment with us at Cassity & Legacy Implants and Periodontics by calling us at South Ogden: (385) 626-0977    Kaysville: (385) 439-0101 today.

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South Ogden: (385) 626-0977    Kaysville: (385) 439-0101

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