Scaling and Root Planing Is a Great Way to Combat Gum Disease

smiling patient

In order to combat gum disease, it is important to have regular dental cleanings and scaling done to remove bacteria and plaque buildup in the mouth.

This then ensures that these germs are not harming the gums or the health of your mouth. This means coming in to speak with us and learning more about the proper way to care for your teeth and gums.

Why Scaling and Root Planing Is Importants

caling and root planing is important to have done to remove the plaque and build up that can be found inside the mouth. It helps to give you a blank, or near blank slate, to work with in terms of the condition of your mouth.

While it is not going to immediately fix all of your oral problems, it will help your gums to begin the healing process. This is incredibly important for people who are suffering from the early onset stages of gum disease.

Some patients experience a touch of anxiety over the idea of scaling and root planing. This is completely normal and if you like, we can help numb the areas within your mouth to help limit or prevent any type of discomfort you may experience.

The Point of Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing help eliminates gum disease by getting deep below the gum line to remove excessive buildups of tartar and calcium deposits. It is impossible for anyone to remove all of the plaque, tartar, and bacteria in their mouth by themselves, regardless of how religious you are about your oral cleaning habits.

This is why coming to see us regularly for exams and cleanings so vital to your oral health. Especially if you are at risk of developing gum disease or are already in the early stages of gum disease.