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Single Tooth Implants in South Ogden and Kaysville, UT

The loss of a tooth can be a frustrating thing; the patient can experience changes in how they look, how they chew, and eventually in their bite. We can stop those changes, and restore your missing tooth with a dental implant. One of our doctors can evaluate your needs and make recommendations that are customized to you, this may include the placement of a dental implant. We can restore your function and give you a reason to smile.
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Dental Implants

Traditionally, missing teeth were a common part of aging. As a person aged, their teeth declined, the dental restoration options were limited. Dental implants have changed that. The initial clinical work began in the 1960’s, and today the long term results are clear, that dental implants are not only a valid option in restoring teeth, but they are known to be the most successful long-term restoration over any other option.

The implant is a small metal post; it is not a false tooth. This post will serve as a bridge, a connecting piece between the jaw bone and a dental crown, joining them together. The implant will serve as a new root for a dental crown, giving you a single tooth replacement that does not rely on neighboring teeth and is firmly in place. A dental implant is a permanent restoration and the only way to truly restore your tooth as close to your natural tooth as possible.

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Benefits of Restoring Your Tooth With a Dental Implant

Filling the Gap

When a person loses a tooth an empty space remains. This space is subject to being filled by drifting teeth. As the teeth shift and move to fill the space, your bite is altered, this can be potentially hazardous. Teeth that are intentionally removed by orthodontists are within the control of the orthodontist on how the teeth with shift, but with missing teeth, we have no control how teeth will shift. Problems with TMJ dysfunction can result, causing jaw pain and facial pain including in the ears and migraines. A dental implant fills that space, stopping the shifting of neighboring teeth.

Maintaining Your Bone

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone is affected. Our bone, throughout our body, requires motion and exercise to stay healthy. In our jaw, this motion is passed through the root when chewing and talking. If that connection is broken, and the root is lost, then the bone loses strength and will absorb decreasing in size. A dental implant serves as that new root, allowing the motion of chewing to be passed to the bone.

Improved Chewing

Missing teeth can force a person to eliminate certain foods from their diet. Replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant allows the patient to eat the foods they once loved.

Learn More About Single Dental Implants

The surgical process for placing the implant is a minimally invasive surgery. Done in office, most patients require a simple local anesthetic before surgery and the recovery time is minimal, most patients resume normal activities within a couple of days.

About three months following the placement of your dental implant, we can then customize a dental crown to fit over the implant, giving you a perfect tooth. Contact our office today at call us at South Ogden: 801-475-5577 or Kaysville: 801-444-2696 to learn more about single dental implants.

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