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Losing teeth can disrupt your life, it can affect your ability to eat and speak, and affect how you feel in social situations. Some people even stop smiling to hide the look of their teeth. We know that the loss of teeth can be frustrating, and even humiliating. Our team at Cassity & Legacy Implants and Periodontics can stop those changes, and restore your missing teeth using dental implants. One of our doctors will evaluate your needs and make recommendations that we customize for you. We will evaluate your oral health, review your physical health, and take your financial needs into consideration. Dental implants can restore your smile and your function, giving you a reason to smile.
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Dental Implants

We demand a lot from our teeth; they are in constant use, and with time, their health declines. We can lose teeth by not caring for them correctly, or through injury. A majority of tooth loss is due to a common dental disorder known as gum disease. After we lose teeth, there are options to replace them, including dental bridges, partial and full dentures. The replacement teeth require retention, whether from clasps, relying on neighboring teeth, or relying on suction. All of these methods allow for retention, but none of them are permanent or will help keep the jaw bone healthy. Bone loss will disrupt these retention methods requiring frequent adjustments and alterations. It is only with dental implants that you can get a solid, permanent retention. That’s because we are not just replacing the tooth, but replacing the base that the tooth once was built on, the tooth’s root.
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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small metal post, not the replacement tooth. This post is surgically inserted to serve as a connecting piece between the jaw bone and the dental appliance. With a new solid foundation, your periodontist is providing a permanent replacement that is retained in your bone. With dental implants, we are not just placing a device, but making a permanent restoration. This is the only way that accurately restores your tooth, getting as close of a feel and connection as your natural teeth once did.

Dental implants have a long and proven history. Initial clinical work with dental implants began in the 1960’s, and the results have been clear, dental implants are not just an option when restoring teeth, they are the most successful long-term restoration over any other option, with a 98% success rate even 20 years after use. Using one or more dental implants, we can retain your dental device. Implants have been used in conjunction with dental crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures and even full dentures.

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Benefits of Restoring Your Teeth With Dental Implants

Closing Gaps

After teeth have been lost, empty spaces remain. These gaps are subject to neighboring teeth drifting. As these nearby teeth shift, they move to fill the empty spaces, altering your bite. Shifting teeth can cause significant issues. Patients frequently suffer from TMJ dysfunction, which will lead to a tired or painful jaw muscle, and many patients find that they suffer from facial pain including in their ears, brow and suffer from migraines. With dental implants, we can stop teeth from shifting.

Keeping Your Jawbone Healthy

When you lose teeth, the jawbone is also affected. The jaw requires exercise to stay healthy. We exercise the jaw when we chew and speak. This motion is transferred from the teeth, through the root, and to the bone. If the root is missing, the connection is lost, and the bone stops getting the exercise it needs to stay strong. It will be absorbed, decreasing in size, about 25% the first year. Dental implants will serve as the new root, allowing the motion of chewing to be passed to the bone, keeping it healthy.

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