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Cone Beam

Cone beam CT (computed tomography) is a higher tech version of an x-ray. A cone shaped x-ray beam is rotated around your head to produce high-quality three-dimensional images of teeth, bone, soft tissues, and nerves. It captures several images and strings them together to create a single three-dimensional image. These images allow for a more accurate diagnosis of a number of different issues. While similar to a traditional Cone beam CT scan, it is not the same (it is closer to an x-ray), but it was developed to produce similar images.
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Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner is a piece of equipment that uses optical and laser scanning to take three-dimensional images of your mouth. The iTero intraoral scanner is compact and comes equipped with a wand attached to a portable monitor, which we use to scan the inside of your mouth. This intraoral scanner allows for us to give you the best, most accurate, care possible.
iTero intraoral scanner

Medit™ I500

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