Do Dentures Sitting on Gums Cause Problems?

teeth in water artificial

If you have lost one or several of your natural teeth, you may be wearing a partial denture that sits on top of your gums. Partials are an economic solution for patients and help fill the space left behind by lost teeth.

A good partial should last for a long time and help you to keep the normal functions of your mouth, but do dentures sitting on gums cause problems?

Irritation and Inflammation of the Gums

Having a partial moving around or coming loose when eating can not only affect the way in which you eat but can be embarrassing. If the denture is moving and rubbing against your gums it can cause irritation that will affect the comfort with which you wear them.

Elderly Patients

As patients get older, things change inside their mouths because of bone shrinkage. If teeth are missing, the fit of the dentures may also change, and they can start moving around in the mouth, come loose and cause pain when food gets stuck under it.

Adjusting Dentures

Let us know if you are having issues with your dentures and we can adjust the set. Don’t try to adjust them by bending or stretching them at home, as this can crack the material.

Most adjusting can be done at the office and you can go home feeling better. Others may take longer because they must be done offsite, but the sooner you come to see us, the faster we can help you feel more comfortable.

Using Adhesives

A good way to help with moving partials is to use dental adhesives that will help to keep them in place and avoid the gum irritation. There are several options to choose from at most drugstores.

Make sure you take your dentures off to sleep and clean them thoroughly and never force a denture on by chewing down on it. Please call us if you’re experiencing any problems with your dentures!