Can You Get Dentures During Gum Disease Treatment?

Lower Teeth

It is important to treat gum disease. Ignoring the problem will only allow it to get worse. The longer the gum disease goes untreated, the worse the problems become. Tooth loss is one of the issues people with gum disease face.

One solution to tooth loss is dentures. Some people may wonder if they can get dentures while they are treating gum disease, or do they have to wait. Like many other things surrounding oral health, the answer is: it depends.

Problems Associated With Gum Disease

There are many problems associated with gum disease. The seriousness of the problems depends on the stage of the gum disease. The type of treatment and the length of the treatment for gum disease depends on the progression of the disease.

When caught in the early stages, the treatment for gum disease does not require much work and it does not take long to restore the health of the gums. When left untreated gum disease progress and affects not only the gums but also the other structures of the teeth and gums and bones.

Gum disease can change the shape of the gums and the structure of the jaw. The treatment for gum disease will also alter these things. The way gum disease and the treatment change the gums affects the ability to get dentures.

Why Dentures Are a Problem

It is important for dentures to fit properly in the mouth. They rest on the gums. If gum disease and treatment is changing the shape of the gums, it is difficult to get dentures to fit properly. This could lead to gaps where bacteria can grow and can interfere with the treatment for gum disease. The dentures can also irritate the gums when they do not fit properly and can cause more problems.

It is possible to get dentures while undergoing treatment for gum disease, it is important to understand when the time is right. The choice about when to get dentures is best done with the help of our dental professionals. They can make sure that the choice to get dentures is done at the right time, so more problems don’t occur later.