Types of Grafts That Could Make Getting Implants Easier

dental implants

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular with many people throughout the world today. As an effective and efficient way to replace teeth that are lost in the mouth, it has been a trusted way to provide teeth in the mouth that are more permanent than other options.

There are sometimes grafts that are recommended by our professionals for certain patients because of their ability to make obtaining dental implants easier than in the past.

Grafts Make Implants Easier to Install

Bone grafts are one of the most common procedures that are recommended in our office. These grafts are recommended when the tooth has been gone for some time, when the patient has experienced gum disease, or in patients who have bone loss because of any other reason. The implant has to hold onto the bone in the gums and without the right amount of bone, they will not be able to hold on easily.

Sinus lifting is another procedure that may be required. This is done to literally lift the sinus higher so there is enough room for the implant. Plus, it also ensures there is enough bone for the implant post to integrate with, giving you a stable dental implant.

It is important to speak with our professionals if you are considering dental implants. We can recommend the best course of action to get you started. We would love to help you find out more regarding the procedure and the extras that may need to be done to ensure you have implants that last as long as possible.

We can schedule a time to have you come in and meet with our dental professionals that would be the ones to provide the exams and ensure that you get the best possible care when you have dental implants placed in the mouth.