The Importance Of Rinsing Your Mouth If You Have Bleeding Gums

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Bleeding gums are a sign of problems with your gum health. In fact, bleeding gums are a symptom of a larger issue. Bleeding gums are one of the primary symptoms of gum disease.

If you have bleeding gums, you need to understand the importance of your gum health. One way that you can help your gums to stay healthy is through dental rinsing. Why is rinsing your mouth important, and what rinses are best for your bleeding gums? We have information for you right here.

What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Although gums can bleed due to illness or injury, the main cause of bleeding gums is gum disease. In the first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, the gums become irritated and inflamed. The gums are inflamed or irritated because of a bacterial infection.

When you have gum disease, it is easy for your gums to bleed because they are already irritated from the infection. As the gum disease progresses, your gums will bleed more frequently. Gum disease doesn’t sound horrible- but it can cause you to lose gum tissue, teeth, and even bone because of the infection.

What Rinse Should I Use?

If you have gum disease, you may want to try an antimicrobial mouthwash. This cuts down on the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which will help your gum disease. You can also choose to rinse your mouth with salt water. Salt mouthwashes help rid your mouth of the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Be sure that whatever mouthwash you use is alcohol-free. Mouthwashes with alcohol dry your mouth out, which inhibits your mouth’s natural defenses to get rid of bacteria. If you have questions about how to treat your bleeding gums, why not give us a call? We would love to talk to you about good oral hygiene for people with gum disease.