Can Implants Help Improve Gum Health?

Are you looking into getting dental implants? If so, then you may want to know there is a sideline benefit to them as well. They can help improve the overall health of your gums following the loss of a tooth, or even several teeth for that matter. Dental implants are amazing pieces of machinery when you look at all they are able to do for your mouth. Instead of losing bone mass and gum tissue, you now have the option of an implant that acts like a real tooth, and your body accepts that item with all types of tissues.

dental implants

How an Implant Can Help With Gum Health

It used to be that you lost a tooth, and that meant the gum and bone tissue would be reabsorbed by the body. Your body understood those items were no longer needed, so it slowly got rid of them. Today, that is not the case. Now, you have the option of putting in a dental implant where that tooth once was. Since the implant is just like a traditional tooth, it keeps the bone strong and healthy, and it allows the gums to have a job still – to hold that implant in place just like it did with your original tooth. If you want to make sure that your gums stay as healthy as possible following the loss of even one tooth, then find out about a dental implant. We can suggest other professionals we work with to help, and we can work to keep your gums healthy in the meantime. Caring for your gums is very important. The healthier they are, and can remain, the better your overall health is able to stay. Contact our office today and let us help teach you the importance of optimal gum health.