How Your Look Changes with Crown Lengthening

Crowd lengthening is popularly done for cosmetic reasons, in order to give a more aesthetic appearance to the teeth, however, it is also performed on patients with periodontitis, to discourage the development of the disease. You may also need crown lengthening before a crown or bridge is placed. Those who have a ‘gummy smile’ may opt for crown lengthening to give their smile a more natural look. The appearance of your teeth will change after the procedure and you can expect a boost in confidence from your new look.

smiling face image

Teeth after Crown Lengthening

Your teeth will have a more aesthetic appearance after crown lengthening. Our dentist will be able to not only lengthen the tooth, but shape the gum, at the top of your teeth, into naturally curve around the enamel. This means that any uneven gum lines can be fixed and an element of symmetry will be added to your oral appearance. Your teeth will no longer look too small and your smile will not look too gummy. Overall, you can expect teeth that look larger and longer, symmetrical in their appearance with an even gumline, and a good ratio between teeth and gum when you smile.

After the procedure, there may be some temporary changes to your appearance, but these will diminish quickly. You can expect some redness, as some tissue has been removed, and therefore your gum will still be healing. There may also be some swelling in the gum above your teeth. These initial symptoms will need to subside before you can properly see the changes to your teeth from crown lengthening. You may find the difference surprising at first, but this is perfectly normal, as crown lengthening can be a big change for many people. Contact our office if you think crown lengthening could benefit your smile.