What Is Pocket Reduction Surgery?

A lady having a Gum Disease pain
Suffering from toothache.

Bone and gum tissue are usually wrapped around your teeth tightly. However, if you have periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone are damaged and form “pockets” near the teeth.

The pockets may deepen over time, increasing the space for bacteria to accumulate. The bacteria can seep under the gum tissue and lead to further loss of bone and tissue.

Pocket Reduction Surgery: The Procedure

A periodontal probe is typically used to measure the space between the tooth and the gums. If the pockets are greater than 5 millimeters deep, your periodontist is likely to suggest a pocket reduction surgery.

The entire procedure generally takes about 2 hours. If you have a gum disease that cannot be cured through antibiotics or root planning, a pocket reduction surgery is the best option. Here are the 5 major steps involved in the procedure:

• A local anesthetic is administered to numb the gums.
• A tiny incision is made along the gumline.
• Gums are folded back to eradicate the bacteria underneath.
• A periodontal regeneration procedure may be needed if your bone is considerably damaged.
• Gums are stitched back and covered with a periodontal dressing to control the bleeding.
• Antimicrobial liquid is used to get rid of any remaining bacteria and boost healing.

Recovery from the Procedure

The recovery time from a pocket reduction procedure is no more than a few days. Your periodontist may suggest some dietary changes or prescribe some painkillers. Here is what you can do to ensure quick recovery:

• Consume soft foods
• Avoid physical exertion
• Abstain from smoking
• Do not use a straw until your mouth is fully healed
• Change your gauze regularly
• Rinse using saltwater every 24 hours
• Hold an ice pack against the outside of your cheek to control swelling

After you undergo a pocket reduction surgery, you will probably be asked to return for a follow-up checkup two weeks later. At _, Dr. Cassity and Dr. Badger are experienced professionals who offer excellent periodontal care. Schedule an appointment with us by calling us at (385) 626-0977 today.