Are Direct-Consumer Clear Aligners Effective

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The direct consumer clear aligners are dental products made to straighten the teeth and are not recommended by the dentist. They are made by direct consumer companies, and they offer digital scans to the teeth. They are effective ways of getting straight teeth but might not offer the best treatment option. Most of these aligners can cause your teeth to shift and that is why you need a dentist to check on you before getting any aligners.

Can Bring About Risks

These direct consumer aligners can cause issues such as misalignment of teeth instead of straightening the teeth. This might be more expensive since at the end of the day you will need to go to the orthodontist to get aligners that will work for the teeth such as Invisalign. If you do not monitor the teeth this will cause trauma to the teeth and can also bring about trauma to your gum tissues. The orthodontics aligners are important for they help when you have bite misalignment, chipped or fractured teeth, or even loss of teeth.

What Are the Differences

Movement of teeth when you have gum disease or when you have dental cavities speeds up the bone loss and the size of the cavities. The orthodontist will monitor your oral health when you have Invisalign aligners. The direct consumer aligners are upon you to correct any error that comes up with the aligner, there is no dental monitoring and this might cause you more troubles to the teeth. Invisalign treatment is preferred to braces since it is clear and has aesthetic value. The dental team will monitor you whether you have braces or the Invisalign aligners. If you are thinking of using direct consumer aligners then talk to the orthodontist to be sure that you know well how the options are.