Gum Recession Treatment – The Traditional Methods vs. The Pinhole Technique

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Among the most effective, yet least invasive gum recession treatment options is the Pinhole surgical technique. It is a microscope-based technique. When seeking gum recession treatment, ask if the dental office utilizes the Pinhole technique.

Gum Recession

You have probably experienced receding gums if you are above 65 years old. Also referred to as gingival recession, this condition involves the deterioration of the gum tissue. It causes your teeth to be more exposed. As the teeth get exposed, the roots of the teeth may also be exposed, hence causing you to experience sensitivity and pain.

Over time, there is the chance that you may lose your teeth. Your gums are likely to recede due to genetics. Your susceptibility to gum disease may also cause the gums to recede. Moreover, improper dental care is believed to be a culprit for gum recession. Excessive and forceful brushing may also make the gums detach from the tooth’s surface.

Treatment With Pinhole Surgical Technique

A dentist may consider using a surgical microscope instead of the traditional gum grafting technique. Microscope-based treatment helps do away with the conventional invasive technique that tends to cause pain and considerable downtime. Using microscope-based treatment minimizes the risk of having complications because the dental specialist is able to see the area of treatment and the gum tissue more clearly. As such he or she is able to carefully manipulate the tissue and critical anatomy.

Additionally, a dental office may offer patients the choice of microsurgical connective tissue grafting technique, if needed. This treatment goes beyond repairing gum tissue. The procedure ensures a reformation of your gum tissue fibers. Find out more about the Pinhole surgical technique and how it can benefit you. Set up your consultation appointment today. We will discuss the treatment options we offer in our office.