What to Expect When You Visit a Periodontist

A periodontist is a dental care specialist whose focus is on the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of periodontal disease. This is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects gums as well as the neighboring bone structure that supports the teeth. While dentists might be suitable for regular dental care and exams, periodontists provide more specialized care. If you are struggling with gum disease, or have a complex case and would like implants placed, your dentist will likely refer you to a periodontist.

teeth close up

Apart from handling specialized cases, periodontists also provide a wide range of solutions, including scaling and root planing, where the infected surface of the tooth is cleaned. They also offer different cosmetic periodontal treatments and oral inflammation treatments.

What to Expect on the First Periodontist Visit

During the first visit to the periodontist, they will normally conduct a review of your complete medical and dental history. This is especially the case if you have been referred to by a dentist. It is extremely important for the periodontist to understand the full scope of your dental issues, whether you are taking any medication or whether you are being treated for any other condition, especially ones that can affect periodontal care like pregnancy, heart disease, or diabetes.

The periodontist will then conduct an exam of your teeth and gums. They look for such issues as gumline recession, assess your bite and how the teeth come into contact with one another, and also check to see if any of your teeth are loose. The periodontist will also place a probe between your teeth to evaluate the health and condition of your gums. X-rays might also be used at this stage before they then recommend a cause for treatment.

Visits to the periodontist do not have to be a cause for alarm. Visit our periodontist today for a specialized examination and dental care.