Is There a Connection Between Alcohol and Gum Diseases?

Drinking to your heart’s content is great, so long as you do not overdo it, but you might not know that alcohol might increase your risk of gum disease. You could find it relaxing to return home from a long day at work, remove your shoes, and unwind with a glass of wine.

Or perhaps you are more of a beer drinker. You will get the details on how one can affect the other and why it is in your best interest to drink something less harmful to your teeth and gums.

women drinking wine

Why Your Preferred Alcoholic Beverage May Be Bad for Your Gums.

The more alcoholic beverages you consume, whether a glass of your favorite red wine, a cool beer, or a straight shot of whiskey, the more harmful germs will accumulate in your mouth. This can raise the chances of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Microbes and bacteria number in the trillions within the human body, forming what is called the microbiome. Regular oral hygiene is important to prevent “bad” germs from outcompeting “good” bacteria in your mouth.

Alcohol intake causes significant alterations to the oral microbiota, according to a study conducted at New York University Langone Health. Researchers in the United States analyzed the mouthwash of over a thousand persons and found that 59% classified themselves as moderate drinkers and 15% as heavy drinkers.

However, when they included additional parameters, including age, oral hygiene routine, and food, they found that their samples contained fewer beneficial bacteria. Researchers cannot prove that alcohol use alone causes gum disease; nevertheless, they recommend that people practice good dental hygiene and limit alcohol consumption.

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