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Ridge Augmentation in South Ogden and Kaysville, UT

One of the more common procedures that you might encounter during dental treatment is the bone graft. A bone graft might be necessary for a number of reasons. When talking about dental implants, for example, many people do not realize that they must have a sufficient amount of healthy oral tissue and bone in order to receive the implant in question. If they do not have enough tissue and bone to support the dental implant surgery, then a bone graft can be used to help augment your existing bone and get you ready for the implants.
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Why Do Some People Need Ridge Augmentation?

There are a number of reasons why someone might not have the healthy bone and tissue necessary for the dental implant surgical process. Things like defective tooth development, gum disease, trauma or injury to the face, space in the mouth left empty after tooth removal, or even undergoing previous dental procedures where the dentist or the patient did not make an effort to restore or repair the natural bone.
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What Is Ridge Augmentation?

In order to successfully see your dental implants installed, you will need to have a jaw that is wide enough to offer them the proper support they need in order to heal and function properly. If your jaw is not wide enough, then bone grafting material can be applied to a small space or ridge running along the top of your jaw. Sometimes this process is done immediately after the ridge expansion procedure, while other times the ridge must heal for anywhere from four to twelve months in order to ensure that it has fully healed before attempting the bone augmentation procedure.

A ridge expansion is an important and effective way to help ensure your new implants are securely supported. It can really help provide a strong foundation that will help ensure a long lifespan of new tooth installed during the dental implant process. This kind of procedure can also help correct any indentations that have formed in the jawline surrounding missing teeth that are difficult to clean.

How Does Bone Grafting Work?

During the bone grafting procedure, bone grafting material or bone taken from a different part of your body will be grafted onto your jaw bone in the area that needs to see the augmentation. You will then play the waiting game while the graft works to provide the strong and new bone that will support your dental implants. There are a few different timelines that might apply when it comes to bone grafting. If you just need a very minor graft, we might conduct the procedure while also going about the dental implant procedure. If the graft is more significant in nature, then it might be done beforehand. You will then need to wait until it heals before you are able to undergo the implant surgery process.

To learn more about the process of bone grafting and ridge augmentation, contact us at South Ogden: 801-475-5577 or Kaysville: 801-444-2696. We are happy to discuss your oral health options with you and take a look at whether or not you would be a good candidate for the procedure.

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