How Eating Soy Can Improve Gum Disease Symptoms

drinking milk

When we eat, we don’t think about the kinds of food that we eat and what it can do to our bodies, and how it affects our teeth.

So, what can you eat that will be good for your teeth and your body, you may ask, and in this article, we will be talking about soy and how good it is for your teeth and your body.

Eating Soy Can Help Your Teeth

There are so many health benefits that soy can do for your body, and recent research shows that consuming soy can help your teeth and give you healthier gums. It also can help prevent periodontal disease.

Arginine is found in soy, which is an amino acid that helps you prevent plaque buildup and cavities.

Anything that contains soy is really good for your teeth, due to the amino acid that is in it. So, increasing your intake of soy may not be a bad idea.

If you drink soy milk, please be sure to notice the nutrition label on the side. There are a few brands out there that put so much sugar in the milk, and sugar is bad for your teeth, especially if you drink it in a liquid form. The sugar in it will coat your teeth leaving a film, causing the risk for cavities and gum disease to increase.

That’s why the best kind of soy milk is always going to be organic, because the crazy amount of chemicals that is found in processed soy is very surprising. Soy is rich in protein and since the amino acids that are found in it can help your teeth, that’s another reason why it’s best to choose organic.

Drinking the soy milk will also boost the level of calcium and iron that’s in your body. It will increase the amount of consumption of your B-complex vitamins and soy milk also has a rich source of riboflavin which is known as vitamin B-2 and vitamin B-12, that makes your bones stronger and in turn it will give you sturdier teeth and gums.

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