Soft Tissue Grafting

teeth graft

Soft tissue grafting is a simple and natural way to restore gum tissue to the areas affected by recession. Gingival recession can be the result of traumatic influences such as abrasive brushing, clenching, grinding, or even orthodontics.

Recession is also highly correlated with your genetic makeup. People with a thin tissue biotype are more likely to experience recession than people with a thick tissue biotype.

Soft tissue grafting is a method of inserting healthy tissue below your outer gums and stitching the tissue in a way that allows it to grow back over the roots.

Many patients seek soft tissue grafting because they are displeased with how the recession looks and how it increases their tooth sensitivity, but recession can also lead to major problems if left untreated. As the tissue recedes, the bone recedes with it, which makes the tooth root become exposed. Exposed tooth root is not protected the same as enamel and is susceptible to cavities. The mobility of the tooth becomes a major concern as the tooth becomes more exposed.

Soft tissue grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that can produce great long-term results. The nice thing about this procedure is that it does not involve any foreign or manmade substances. It is simply using the materials you were born with and restoring the area back to the way it was in the beginning. Dr. Erik Badger is the only specialist in this area who has decided to focus solely on this area of periodontology. With this focused experience and expertise, he is the best person to help you achieve optimal results.

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