Is Scaling Your Teeth Painful?

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If you have heard of the procedure called scaling, you may be a bit apprehensive about having us do it. This is completely normal: many people fear medical procedures that they do not understand. However, the good news is that scaling is a procedure that we can perform with very little discomfort to you.

Scaling: What Is It, and Why Is It Done?

Scaling is simply the practice of using a specialized dental implement to remove a buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth at and under the gum line. As you know, the bacteria that live in your mouth can build up over time. If they are not regularly removed, hardened tartar deposits will form on your teeth. These deposits are very difficult to remove if you are only using a toothbrush and dental floss.

When we perform a scaling procedure, we scrape away the deposits, leaving your teeth clean and healthy again. If you suffer from gum disease, you will find that your gum tissue begins to adhere to the teeth again instead of pulling away due to the deposits.

Scaling is done because, quite simply, it is the only way to remove these hardened deposits. Left undisturbed, these deposits can cause the gum tissue to begin to pull away from the teeth. This, in turn, creates more pockets where bacteria can form, leading to further tartar deposits.

Does Scaling Hurt?

The short answer is that no, scaling is not overly painful. You could, of course, have some momentary discomfort, but it will be minor and brief. What’s more, when we start scaling your teeth, we can use a numbing agent to help keep the gum tissue from sending pain signals.

After the procedure is over with, you may have some very minor soreness as the numbing agent wears off, but this soreness does not last very long (and it isn’t very bad to begin with, anyways).

So, come see us for your scaling procedure. Your mouth will be healthier because of it.