Why Is Root Planing So Important?

Root Planing So Important

If you have been coming to our practice for very long, you have almost certainly heard us talk about root planning. We encourage this practice on a regular basis to help improve dental health.

But what is root planning, and why do we put such an emphasis on it? Here is more information about this procedure, and why you should have us do it as a routine part of your regular dental checkups.

What Is Root Planning?

To understand the root planing procedure, you first must understand the way your teeth fit into your mouth. As you probably know, the teeth themselves are socketed in your jawbone. However, between the bone and the outside surface of your gum, there is an area where your teeth are surrounded by gum tissue.

It is difficult for you to clean in this area at home. Your toothbrush only gets to the part of the tooth that is exposed. Flossing, while absolutely crucial, simply can’t clean as thoroughly as we can with our specialized dental implements.

So, when you come see us for root planing, we use certain tools to reach down below the surface of your gum tissue. We clean off the tooth, scraping away plaque and tartar. This, in turn, helps ensure that your gum tissue does not recede from the tooth due to excessive bacterial deposits in your gum pockets.

Why Do We Stress Root Planing?

We emphasize this procedure because we know that without it, you simply cannot keep the hidden parts of your teeth clean. There, below the surface of your gum line, bacterial colonies can grow and thrive. This leads to gum disease with all its attendant complications.

So, while we are sure you do a good job of keeping your teeth clean at home, be sure to come see us. We can help keep your smile healthy and happy by using root planning to keep things clean.