Would Gum Grafts Help Restore Your Oral Health?

Gum Grafts Help Restore Your Oral Health

Over a million people suffer from some stage of gum disease, and with it comes the potentially inevitable recession of gum tissue. Receding gumlines aren’t just a cosmetic issue; sure, a gummy smile can take its toll on your self-esteem, but the larger issue is the toll it can take on your teeth.

Receding gums can expose your gum root, making you more vulnerable to tooth decay and – if left untreated – loss of your tooth. Fortunately, if you’re struggling with advanced gum disease, gum grafts can return your grin to its original glory.

What Can Gum Grafts Do for Me?

A receding gumline can be terrifying. While most incidences of recession are caused by advanced periodontal disease, overbrushing can also exacerbate the condition. For those of you who tend to overbrush, brush too hard, and brush at the wrong angle, overcompensating for a receding gumline with more brushing can be dangerous and counterintuitive.

It’s vital to immediately seek professional intervention at our office if you start to notice your gums receding; our trained staff can quickly assess the health of your mouth and devise a plan of treatment for you. One such treatment that has been incredibly beneficial to our patients is something called a “gum graft.”

If your gums have receded to the point that you require a gum graft, we will thoroughly explain every step of the process with you. We will begin with a thorough cleaning, then on the date of your procedure, we will sedate you and administer an anesthetic. Then we will perform surgery around the gum line, affixing the donor tissue over the receded parts of your tooth roots. The grafted tissue will then be sutured, and you will be given strict aftercare instructions.

Gum grafts are highly beneficial to patients with severe periodontal disease, restoring both confidence and health. By covering the exposed roots with grafted tissue, we are able to prevent further damage to them and aid in preserving your teeth.

If you suspect that you’re struggling with receding gums, do not hesitate to give our office a call. Our skilled dental team can assess the state of your oral health and, if you’re a good candidate for gum graft surgery, we will work with you to ensure you get the best quality of care not only during the procedure, but also after. Please give us a call today to schedule a consultation or comprehensive dental exam with cleaning!