What To Do If Your Gums Are Sore

Man with tooth pain

When thinking about your oral health, it’s important to not neglect your gums. The gums play a vital role in the structure of your mouth, and their health is just as important as your teeth’s health.

It’s possible to have teeth that look incredibly healthy, but have gums that are unhealthy, so you need to look for warning signs of unhealthy gums.

The most common telltale sign of unhealthy gums is discomfort. Discomfort in the form of ongoing soreness can indicate problems related to poor dental hygiene.

Occasionally, it’s possible to have soreness after brushing, and in most cases, this is caused by brushing too hard. Soreness may also be caused by flossing irregularly. To fix soreness from flossing make sure to do it more regularly, at least twice a day, and that may solve the problem.

Causes of Sore Gums

While sore gums can be caused by brushing too vigorously or irregular flossing, soreness in the gums can also be an indication of early gum disease. Gum disease is generally caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth which has infected the gums. In the early stages, gum disease can still cause quite a bit of damage to your gums which may be irreversible.

Gum disease can also be a symptom of some medications like antidepressants, antianxiety medications, and oral contraceptives. Not all gum disease is related to poor oral hygiene, so it’s necessary to discuss all your medications with us.

If you have soreness that has continued for more than a few days, please give us a call to schedule a check-up so that we can determine the cause. In the meantime, make sure to clean your gums thoroughly and gently to prevent any potential gum disease. While you wait for your appointment, try to stay away from acidic drinks and hard foods which can cause your gums more stress.