OT All Cracked Teeth Require Extraction, but Nearly All Require Some Type of Treatment

While you may not think much of the chip or crack in your tooth, this could be the cause of various dental issues when ignored. However, when you treat it soon you can end up with fewer problems and you’ll be able to treat the condition with simple and minimally invasive procedures that won’t break the bank. Just because you have a cracked tooth doesn’t mean you need an extraction. Sometimes a crack in a tooth can be fixed with bonding which is just like applying cement to seal a crack in the wall. This is a basic procedure that is painless and budget-friendly too. The bond will secure the crack and prevent tooth decay, which is a common problem with chipped or cracked teeth.

cracked tooth

Avoid Losing Your Tooth

If you don’t want to end up losing your tooth, then you need to contact us right away. It is important to understand that a cracked tooth can begin to decay quickly and if ignored, it can begin to fester from within. This deterioration will eventually spread to the roots and then the gums and before you know it, the neighboring teeth have started getting affected. Once this happens, you will slowly start losing your teeth.

Get Timely Solutions

You need to get your cracked tooth right away to avoid any complications in the future. There is a very good chance that you can save your tooth and the gum area as well if you treat your cracked tooth just in time.

Our medical experts will be glad to assist you and you will be able to have a painless and complete smile in no time. If you are not sure how dental procedures can help save your cracked tooth, then get in touch with us to see what marvels modern-day dentistry can perform.