Treatment for Periodontal Abscesses?

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A periodontal abscess is a commonly encountered acute dental condition which can develop due to bacterial or fungal build up in the periodontal gaps. The infected tooth is easily diagnosable because it is sensitive to touch or pressure. We have many treatments for periodontal abscess some of which may include a CT scan or X-ray, depending on the severity of the infection.

Common Treatments for Tooth Abscesses

Our primary objective is to get rid of the infection, which we can do in the following ways. For instance, we can incise and drain the abscess. Our dentists will puncture the abscess filled cyst and drain out all the pus build up and then rinse the affected area with saline water. We sometimes use a rubber drainer, which will drain the exudate out of the abscess while the swelling goes down.

We can pull the affected tooth out. If the infection and damage to the tooth goes past a certain threshold, our dentist may have to pull the infected tooth out completely. This is an effective method to stop the infection from spreading to nearby teeth. Our dentists will do this as a last resort if the tooth is beyond saving.

We can also prescribe antibiotic medication. When there is a danger of the infection spreading to other areas of the mouth, like the nearby teeth or jaws, our dentists will prescribe a dose of antibiotic medication to curb the spread of infection. Depending on factors like the extent of the infection and your immunity, our doctors will prescribe you a suitable cocktail of antibiotic medication.

If necessary, we can perform a root canal. If the infection is largely affecting a single tooth, then our dentist will perform a root canal to get rid of the abscess. Root canal is a surgical process which involves digging to the root of the infected tooth and clearing out all the abscess build up.

Get Treatment for Your Tooth Abscess

Periodontal Abscess is a serious condition which can deter your daily way of life if not treated at the right time. Book a consultative appointment with us today to learn more about the treatment of a tooth abscess.