What Are the Four Branches of Prosthodontics?

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Prosthodontics is a particular branch of dentistry that focuses on a wide range of oral issues. Therefore, it is also referred to as prosthetic dentistry. Given that prosthodontics is a broad field, it is divided into four branches. Knowing these branches will help you understand how prosthodontics works and its importance in dentistry.

Fixed Prosthodontics

This is a branch of prosthodontics that focuses on creating and designing permanent dental prostheses. This means that once these prosthodontics are installed, they cannot be removed. Examples of fixed prosthodontics include dental crowns, artificial teeth, inlays, onlays, and dental veneers. Several reasons make it necessary for you to consider fixed prosthodontics. For example, you can undergo a fixed prosthodontics procedure if you have a root canal and a section of your tooth is damaged or missing.

Removable Prosthodontics

This is another branch of prosthodontics that focuses on creating and designing removable dental prostheses. Unlike fixed prostheses that are installed, removable prostheses are fitted. These oral appliances are designed to be used over a long time and can be removed for cleaning and repair.

Some of the removable prostheses include gingival veneers and dentures. These appliances cover the teeth’ surface to help hide damaged and discoloration. One of the reasons you might consider removable prostheses is to install a set of dentures to replace missing teeth. Keep in mind that there are several causes of missing teeth — it could be due to injury or oral infections.

Implant Prosthodontics

This particular branch of prosthodontics focuses on using small titanium cylinders, implants, and other alternatives to secure fixed prostheses. Examples of such prosthodontics include removable implant dentures and individual crowns.

Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

This is a sub-specialty that focuses on fixing missing or malformed oral structures and tissues. Get in touch with us for more information on the branches of prosthodontics.