The Benefits of Pinhole Gum Treatment

Lower Teeth

For patients who want a significantly less invasive treatment for their gum recession condition, the Pinhole surgical technique offers an ideal choice. It does not involve extensive cuts to the gums compared to traditional soft-tissue grafting. A dentist trained in microsurgery applies this technique to help restore the damaged soft tissue or gums. As a result, a patient is able to receive a better and more accurate diagnosis, planning, and treatment.

Advantages of Pinhole Treatment

Microscope-based Pinhole surgical treatment comes with many benefits. Since it is less invasive, it takes less time to perform the procedure. As a result, you may be able to get treatment for multiple teeth that have gum recession in one sitting. If you have to get gum grafting treatment for multiple teeth, it may require several sessions. Therefore, Pinhole treatment allows you to save time and money.

Besides, the healing process of the treatment is much faster compared to traditional gum recession treatment. It is also less painful compared to grafting. Many people who are uneasy with their results or worry about the time it takes to recover, will always be surprised how the Pinhole surgery is less painful and the results you get are pretty impressive. The procedure offers a better overall result, allowing you to heal faster than conventional gum grafting.

The treatment is done without making incisions or stitches and there are minimal postoperative symptoms. Additionally, there are reduced complications in the future or the need for additional treatment. A dentist takes the time to identify the most accurate periodontal diagnosis to ensure that the microscope-aided Pinhole treatment is extremely accurate and precise. The microscope is able to magnify the image of the gum tissue on a video screen, ensuring better diagnosis as well as treatment. Book an appointment with our dental team to see what kind of treatment for gum recession we offer.