What Is Composite Resin

Dental obturation

Composite resins are preferred because they match invisibly with the natural teeth giving you a better appearance. The tooth-colored fillings are used when one is undergoing the filling procedure or even the bonding procedure. A composite resin is used to fill and seal a cavity after a decayed part of a tooth has been removed.

Prevention of cavities is done by ensuring that you brush and floss the teeth twice daily. The most effective time to brush is after eating. The brushing ensures that the mouth is not exposed to bacteria and that might lead to the formation of a cavity. The food particles remaining in the mouth can lead to the formation of plaque which is sticky and attaches itself to the teeth. When plaque is left for long it hardens to form tartar which will lead to gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, and even tooth loss. Ensure that flossing and brushing are part of your daily routine.

Get Professional Cleanings

Going to the dentist is vital for you to have dental cleanings. Ensure that twice per year the dental hygienist cleans the teeth. The dentist scales the enamel to remove build-up plaque that may have stuck on the surface of the teeth. The areas between the teeth and gums are also cleaned to ensure that you have all parts in good oral health. This way you will have avoided the formation of cavities and you will have a better way of avoiding fillings.

Treatment of the Cavity

If you already have a cavity then it is good that you have an advanced treatment option. A composite resin filling is ideal to seal the cavity and give you a natural teeth-looking appearance. The dentist will guide you on other types of fillings but will encourage you to use the composite resin more.