All on 4 Can Replace an Arch in Just One Day

Over time, you may experience tooth loss. Although there are numerous treatments available for missing teeth, implant dentistry remains a greater option. The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) says that approximately 178 million people in America are missing at least a single tooth. Besides, the ACP also points out that an estimated 40 million Americans have all their teeth missing. If you are missing all of your teeth in the lower or upper arch, or both arches, you can consider All-on-4 treatment. An arch is the complete set of teeth within the upper or lower jaw. Often, in the past, we had fewer options for the restoration of an arch. For most full arch restorations, dentures were the most common restorations. However, today, dental implants are a better solution.

dental implant

Same Day Implants Without Bone Grafting

Replacing an arch with single dental implants involves placing an implant for every tooth being restored. Sometimes, bone grafting is needed to prepare the site for implants. Nonetheless, All-on-4 offers a revolutionary way of restoring an arch. This treatment allows you to receive complete arch restorations with just four, or sometimes six strategically placed dental implants. The amazing thing about All-on-4 is that you don’t need any bone grafting. You will not need to remove your All-on-4 restoration for cleaning or other reason.

How It Works

It starts with a consultation whereby you meet our periodontist to determine if the treatment is ideal for you. On the same day that the periodontist surgically places the four dental implants, you also get a fully functional temporary restoration. Because it takes some time for the jawbone to assimilate with the implants, you will need a healing period. During that time, you follow the post-surgery instructions our periodontist gives you. Ensure you eat soft foods. After the body is fully acclimated with the implants, you return for permanent restorations, usually after around 6 months. Come to our periodontics office to learn more about the All-on-4 Concept and how it works.