What Are the Right Pediatric Periodontal Treatments?

It is easier to spot cavities and rotten teeth. However, spotting signs of gum diseases is not that easy. A pediatric dentist is the best specialist that can handle a kid’s healthy teeth. They work to educate the patients on how to detect gum diseases at an earlier stage. In doing so, they will ensure serious damages have not occurred. Teeth have no protection or anchor when the gum is unhealthy. Thus, it is essential to take care of the gums and teeth of our children.

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What Are Pediatric Periodontal Diseases

These are the types of gum diseases that may affect some young children. The condition can make some basic functions like brushing and eating uncomfortable and painful. Little kids can also develop the periodontal disease if they do not practice or learn proper flossing and brushing techniques. The periodontal disease can also affect the young one due to hormonal changes. Some hormones can cause an increase in blood circulation to their gums which can make them sensitive.

Types of Pediatric Gum Disease

Most gum diseases are caused by the build-up of bacteria and plaque around the gums. These bacteria and plaque can irritate the kid’s gums, making them bleed and swelling around their gumline. A qualified dentist will need to analyze if the child has gum disease.

Localized Pediatric Periodontitis

This is one severe periodontitis that affects the child’s teeth and bones. Many teens are at higher risk of pediatric periodontitis compared with young children. Localized periodontitis can show up in incisors and molars, which can cause alveolar bone loss.

Treatment for Pediatric Periodontal Disease

Many kids will not know that they have periodontal disease. For that case, they will need to visit a pediatric dentist for checkups regularly. A professional dentist can treat mild gum disease through cleaning and routine flossing and brushing. Also, the pediatric dentist can train your kid to floss and brush their teeth correctly to avoid plaque building up at their gumline.