How to Choose the Right Mouthwash for Your Periodontal Needs?

You may use mouthwash products to maintain good oral health hygiene. They can be a valuable complement to flossing and brushing because they can help you combat gum disease. There are multiple products sold in the market. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a mouthwash include:

man using mouth washer

Understand Your Periodontal Needs

The different mouthwashes in the market are designed to deal with different issues. Knowing your specific issue will help you narrow the list of mouthwashes to get from the market. Some issues mouthwashes deal with include periodontal diseases, build-up of bacteria and plague, and unhealthy gums. Identify the issue and then identify the mouthwashes dealing with the specific problem. An oral health expert can help you understand your oral needs.

Evaluate the Ingredients

Once you identify the issue, you need to get a mouthwash with the ingredients that address the issue. For example, some mouthwashes have thymol, menthol, eucalyptol, and other essential oils helping fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. Mouthwashes with fluoride are designed to strengthen tooth enamel helping prevent tooth decay. To prevent plaque and gingivitis, you need mouthwashes with chlorhexidine. Ensure you discuss this with your dentist before selecting any oral product.

Choosing Between Alcohol-Free and Alcohol-Containing Mouthwashes

Most of these mouthwashes will either contain alcohol or not. Alcohol-containing mouthwashes may not be fit for individuals with sensitive teeth gums because they may cause them to suffer irritation and have a dry mouth. However, alcohol-containing mouthwashes are more effective in killing bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to determine which type of mouthwash fits you.

In conclusion, using mouthwash can be critical to your dental health, and you need it. Follow the above tips to help you get the right mouthwash for your periodontal needs. Also, consider consulting with your dentist to get a suggestion of mouthwashes suitable for you.