Do I Need a Night Guard?

If you are experiencing jaw pain and headaches for the first time, you might suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a condition characterized by grinding and clenching of teeth. There are two types of bruxism including awake and sleep bruxism. In awake bruxism, you clench and grind your teeth when you are awake, while the other occurs in your sleep. Due to the severity of the symptoms it brings, you need to prevent the grinding of teeth while you sleep by using a nightguard.

transparent mouth guard

How Does It Work?

A night guard is a soft or hard plastic designed like a retainer. You can wear it on the top or bottom rows of teeth. When you come to our practice you will get a personalized nightguard that is perfect for your unique dental needs. We mold it to perfectly match your teeth ensuring that it is comfortable while wearing.

When you put on your night guard, it shields the biting surfaces from grinding against one another. Therefore, your teeth will not be touching, reducing the chances of you cracking your teeth, since this is one of the effects of regular grinding of teeth.

Therefore, while you sleep, you can rest easy knowing that, the chances of you clenching or grinding your teeth are minimal. The headaches and jaw pain will therefore be reduced over time. If you grind your teeth while awake, our dentist can recommend you get a mouthguard that your wear during the daytime.

Benefits of a Nightguard

The benefits of wearing a nightguard while you sleep help to reduce the grinding of your teeth. Nightguards prevent headaches, reduce tension, and therefore lessen your pain. You will also enjoy better sleep patterns and prevent tooth damage.

Come see one of our dentists if you require a nightguard to minimize the grinding of teeth. You will receive personalized care to ensure you achieve optimal oral and general well-being.